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How should I put on Airvida?

Please turn on the Airvida first before wearing. Hold the emitters with both hands, keep emitter facing forward then put it onto your neck until the "Airvida" logo plate touch the skin; rest it gently and Airvida is ready to work.

Why it is warned that the carbon brush emitter should not be contacted with anything while power on?

The carbon brushed under the hood of emitter is the source of ion generation, which runs at relatively high voltage. We design the hood to protect the carbon brushes from contact as well as possible. However the carbon brushes cannot be fully sealed so user should also be aware that any contact during operation need be avoided.

Why do I feel electrocuted when touch the carbon brush emitter while power on? Will that be any risky?

The Airvida runs on high voltage internally, so it is possible to feel electrocuted when contact the carbon brushed with hands or skin during operation; that's why we designed the emitter hood for the protection. It's not any harmful if happens accidentally, due to the extremely low operational current (4~6μA). Airvida is CE certificated, meets any existing safety standard of an electronic product.

Does Airvida need any maintenance and how should I proceed?

Airvida runs on its own without any further supplies. However due to its effectiveness of bringing particles & dust to the ground, there might be particles accumulated onto the carbon brushes after time. These accumulation might affect the ion generation, so regular cleaning is suggested. Cleaning can be processed by wet cotton swab or using a tooth pick gently follow the brush hair to remove dust.

Please do not clean Airvida during operation; if Airvida has been cleaned by wet swabs, it should be fully dried before next operation.

How do I confirm that Airvida is functional?

Turn on Airvida, press "Airvida" logo plate with your finger while move the emitter close to your lip. You should feel a breeze coming out from the emitter. Airvida has a fan-less design; the breeze is coming from the fully operational ion generation.

Why give Airvida a fanless design?

We believe that no one should compromise the inevitable low frequency hums from any existing active fan design, that's why we painstakingly design the unique emitters to assure that Airvida works flawlessly without an active fan. Airvida retain 2,000,000 ion/cm3 concentration within the coverage of 15cm around the emitter.

Will ion concentration be affected by wind blow and hence become less effective?

The highest negative ion concentration in natural environment is around 20,000 ion/cm3. Airvida is capable to generate and retain the concentration of 2,000,000 ion/cm3, which is 100 times more than natural environment, to ensure that Airvida could stay effective under daily usage/condition.

Does Airvida also generate electromagnetic wave with negative ions?

Airvida proudly passes CE certification, which means Airvida meets every safety standard ranging from electromagnetic radiation, ozone etc.

Will wearing Airvida cause any skin discomfort ?

The inner wrapping of Airvida is a mixture of natural rubber / silicone without any chemical painting and is safe for human wearing.

Is Airvida waterproof?

Airvida is not designed water-proof, contact of any liquid should be avoided. If Airvida is accidentally wet, please power off Airvida as soon as possible and wait until Airvida is fully dried before next operation.

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