ible is an IoT & wearable device company, founded in 2015. Our basic idea is to design products bringing better living quality and protection to loved ones. We insist in high standards through numerous analysis and testing, aiming to provide simple, efficient, and good design products for daily life.



able to be

Meaning of ible

ible, from Middle English, from Old French, from Latin. As a suffix, it means “able to be”.
ible, able to make loved ones better.

ible Airvida Family

Airvida is the family name of ible’s wearable air purifier series. Airvida comes from a combination of air & vida -“vida” means “life” in Spanish; Airvida stands for a promise that everyone deserves better air quality for their life.

Airvida is an in-house design from Taiwan and Germany, reflecting the craftsmanship of both cultures. Airvida has the finest material, outstanding third-party lab test results, and low radiation of electromagnetic wave which meets CE certifications. Airvida complies with the highest product standard of EU and is safe for everyone.

ible endeavors to make Airvida an effective, trustworthy product. Moreover it is further crafted with an elegant design and robust build quality. Airvida, undoubtedly, is the tasteful choice that simply makes your life better.

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