Benefits of Ionic Air Purifying
The benefits of Airvida are officially tested by independent labs

Particles & Ionic Purifying

The negative ions generated by Airvida will attach to air bone particles and dust,
turn them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus fall to the ground.

2,000,000 ion/cm3

Negative ions are commonly found in the natural forest. Airvida will constantly generate 2,000,000 ion/cm3 - 100 times more than natural forest ion concentration.*

*Airvida retains 2,000,000 ion/cm3 within the 15cm area from the emitte; the coverage is tested by SGS.

Personal Protection, Anytime & Anywhere.

Airvida is most effective in indoor spaces,
where air hazard is no less than the outside world
but commonly ignored.

Office / Small Meeting Rooms
Metro Station / Crowded Indoor Spaces
Bus / Public Transportations
Pet Hairs Allergy
Hay Fever